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Alumni Couples Who Found Love at Buffalo State

Alumni Couples Who Found Love at Buffalo State

Posted: February 13, 2019

Did you ever think Buffalo State would be the perfect place to meet your forever person? Well, love is in the air on campus this month for Valentine’s Day and apparently for alumni of all decades! Your heart will tingle from reading these alumni love stories that all started at 1300 Elmwood.

Thank you to all of the Bengal sweethearts who shared their love stories on social media, you make us believe in true love!

Wedding Bells are Ringing

I met Khari in 2003, just a few weeks into my freshman year. We were fast friends and all these years later we have been married for seven years and have the craziest twin boys. Best part...we came back to the campus where we met to tie the knot!

—Latrese (Burruss) Myers, ’08, and Khari Myers, ’08


True Love in Tower 2

My husband and I met at Buff State in the fall of 1980 when we were living on the same floor in Tower 2. It was love at first sight! We married in 1983 and will be celebrating our 36th anniversary this year. We are the proud parents of three wonderful children and a beautiful granddaughter.

—Susanne Giansante Russell, ’83, and Richard Russell, ’82



Old Friends Reunite to Become Husband and Wife

I met my wife Tiffany during our freshman year. While visiting with one of my friends in Perry Hall, she walked in to say hello to everyone. We quickly became friends and hung out as much as possible. When we weren't around each other, there was AIM. When she transferred to another college in New York City during our sophomore year it was heartbreaking because we lost contact. Eventually, we were able to reconnect and it was like we never separated. We've been together now nine years and married for four of them!

—Bill Goodwin, ’10, and Tiffany Goodwin


From Sociology 101 to the Forever One

I met my wife Annette the fall of 1980 in Sociology 101. We got married in 1985, have three kids, and are soon-to-be grandparents. We spent 15 years in the Bay Area in Northern California and the last 20 in New Hampshire. Many great memories from Buffalo State.

—Kevin Miller, ’84, and Annette D’Orazio Miller, ’84



Study Date to Life Partner

Bryon and I met in our political science class during fall 1993. He would never take notes and leave class early. I was so annoyed by it and one day I stopped to tell him that I thought it was disrespectful to sit in a class and not take notes and to leave early on top of that, asking how could he learn anything? He then suggested that I study with him and I did...the rest is history. We’ve been married for 20 years, live in Rochester, and have four amazing children. FYI, the first test we studied for together he passed with a higher grade than me.

—Trina (Waller) Duncan and Byron Duncan


When Upstate Meets Downstate

Joe and I met at Buffalo State in 2011 as sophomores. I’m from Oswego and Joe came all the way from Long Island (I fell in love with his accent). Joe was in TKE and I was on my way to becoming a Sig Delt! We stayed with each other throughout college, got engaged a month after we graduated in July 2015, married September 2016, and had our first baby in October of 2017. We are so thankful every day that Buffalo State brought us together. We now live in my hometown of Oswego, and we recently visited Buffalo to have a reunion with about 20 of our closest Buff State friends!

—Kate (Anderson) Fortunato, ’15, and Joe Fortunato, ’15


College Sweethearts Share Ups and Downs

Scott and I met in 2001 and had our first “date” at the Buffalo Zoo. We knew after a few short weeks that one day we would be married. Seventeen years later, 11th wedding anniversary, three kids, two homes, two businesses, two dogs, countless tears and even more laughter, he is my greatest love, partner, friend, cheerleader and my rock. I am forever grateful that I chose Buffalo State because it brought us together.

—Nicole Russo and Scott Russo



Third Time's the Charm

We met in the Student Union at Buffalo State College in 1987 and dated for a year, he proposed outside of the Union in 1988 and we got married in 1989. We have three amazing children and just celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary!

—Debbie Smaszcz-Shtayeh, ’89, and Salah Shtayeh, ’88




They Met (Again) at Buff State

Kev and I worked at the same amusement park as teenagers but didn't really know each other. As fate would have it, we bumped into each other on the elevator in Porter Hall. After a few run-ins at the Student Union, a performance at Open Mic and a few flirty phone calls we decided to give it shot. We've been married for 18 years and have a beautiful daughter!

—Vanessa Geddes-Flowers and Kevin Flowers


A Long Proposal

Ryan and I met at WBNY (the campus radio station). We were both DJs, and I had a talk show right before Ryan’s. We served on the e-board together. We dated. He proposed. We had a long engagement. Now we've been married for over two years and are raising our seven-year-old together in Rochester.

—Nikki (Styliades) Howze, ’14, and Ryan Howze, ’13




With a Little Luck

Wayne and I met at a beer blast in the Student Union St Patrick’s Day in 1978, back when you could drink on campus, lol. We got engaged in ’81 and were married in ’83. 35 years, two kids, and three grandkids later we are still going strong!

—Lois Pollaci, ’81, and Wayne Pollaci, ’79



From Harmless Teasing to 28 Years of Marriage

My wife and I met during the first week of our freshman year at Buffalo State in 1985. She was in the dorm room of a friend that I met during orientation (Sarah Wallenberg) and all I did was make fun of her Staten Island accent. Needless to say, she wanted nothing to do with me after that, and it took a few weeks for her to break down and agree to go out with me. On August 17, 2019, we will be married for 28 years and have two children.

—Beth (Kasten) Wilkow, ’89, and Mark Wilkow, ’89


Finding a “Home” Thanks to Buffalo State

Met my wife, Nikki, at Buffalo State back in 2007 during the dorm floor meeting of Neumann Hall the first night of freshman year. We recently were married and made Buffalo our home, though we are both from out of the area.

—Nikki (Bonsell) Zomerfeld, ’11, and Henry Zomerfeld, ’11



She Saw Her Soulmate on a Campus Commute

He was roller skating across campus in the snow and our eyes locked. We have been married for 32 years and have two children—Sam, 27, and Miranda, 31. Buff State made it all possible.

—Alyssa Manner Kogon, ’83, and Lou Kogon, ’81





A Res Life Connection

Dominic and I met in 2001 in Porter Hall. He was a TKE and I was AEPHI. Eighteen years later we are married, have a little girl, and live in South Carolina.

—Jessica (Nowak) Elia, ’05, and Dominic Elia, ’05






Bengals Embrace the Sunshine State

Mike and I met while working for the Record and will be celebrating our 8th anniversary in a few weeks! We’ve just moved to Florida, but will always be Bengals at heart.

—Christie Jok, ’12, and Mike Gambini, ’10

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