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June 20, 2007

Rooftop Poetry Club Reading: Mark Lloyd and Michael Tritto

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Recorded on: June 20, 2007
Runtime: 00:21:03
Summary: Local poet Mark Lloyd projects images of singing and smoking film-noir damsels, and retired Buffalo school teacher Michael Tritto explodes the myth of good touch vs. bad touch in this June 20, 2007 edition of the Rooftop Poetry Club podcast. Audio is incomplete due to technical difficulties; sincere apologies to these poets. Reading hosted by Lisa Forrest. Podcast recorded and hosted by Dennis Reed. Contents 00:00 Podcast introduction by Dennis Reed 00:17 “Smoke Laden Room” by Bear (from 00:34 Lisa Forrest introduces Mark Lloyd 01:25 Mark Lloyd 10:12 “Smoke Laden Room” by Bear (from 11:10 Michael Tritto 20:01 Podcast conclusion by Dennis Reed
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