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February 9, 2007

Rooftop Poetry Club Reading: Ellis Avery

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Recorded on: February 9, 2007
Runtime: 00:35:40
Poet and novelist Ellis Avery steeps us all in the world of nineteenth-century Kyoto by reading from her new book, The Teahouse Fire, and then answers our burning questions. Lisa Forrest does the introductions. The music for this show is a song by Kingdom Hearts called "Love Hina, Opening Theme." Recorded by Ken Fujiuchi; edited and hosted by Dennis Reed. Contents: 00:00 Podcast introduction by Dennis Reed 00:35 Lisa Forrest's introductory remarks 03:40 Ellis Avery reads from her novel 22:11 Ellis Avery Q & A sessions 34:36 (musical bed: "Love, Hina: Opening Theme" by Kingdom Hearts) 34:39 Podcast conclusion by Dennis Reed
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