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August 1, 2007

Rooftop Poetry Club Reading: David Landrey and Gabriel Andrews

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Recorded on: August 1, 2007
Runtime: 00:48:40
Reading featuring David Landrey and Gabriel Andrews, with special musical guest Dee Adams. Summary Gabriel Scott Andrews traces the birth of rock music past Bill Haley, past the blues, and all the way back to the opposable thumb. Then, former Buffalo State Enligh professor David Landrey cheerfully forecasts the ultimate dissolution of every trace of human life from the universe, including this very recording! Musical guest is Dee Adams. Her performance can be found in its entirety in part two of this podcast. Reading hosted by Lisa Forrest. Podcast recorded and hosted by Dennis Reed. Contents 00:00 Podcast introduction by Dennis Reed 00:34 Dee Adams 01:41 Lisa Forrest introduces Gabriel Scott Andrews 02:40 Gabriel Scott Andrews 15:34 Dee Adams 16:55 Lisa Forrest introduces David Landrey 18:24 David Landrey 46:43 Lisa Forrest's farewell 47:40 Podcast conclusion by Dennis Reed
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