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August 30, 2007

Rooftop Poetry Club Reading: Barbara Cole and Douglas Manson

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Recorded on: August 30, 2007
Runtime: 00:36:17
Douglas Manson tells us how his roommate from Romania has been enlisted as a gastrological ally in the War on Terror; and then, Barbara Cole, assuming her “Foxy Moron” persona, addresses the age-old debate: “Who’s cuter—Scott Baio or Jimmy Walker?” Reading hosted by Lisa Forrest. Podcast recorded and hosted by Dennis Reed. Contents 00:00 Podcast introduction by Dennis Reed 00:50 Gregory Paul 01:10 Lisa Forrest introduces Douglas Manson 01:57 Douglas Manson 16:03 Gregory Paul 17:18 Lisa Forrest introduces Barbara Cole 17:46 Barbara Cole 35:15 Podcast conclusion by Dennis Reed
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