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October 29, 2009

10th Annual Faculty/Staff Research and Creativity Fall Forum: Lin Xia Jiang

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Recorded on: October 29, 2009
Runtime: 00:03:07
In this podcast, Lin Xia Jiang, professor, Fine Arts Department, discusses his research project “Chasing Chinese Folk Art.” Jiang and Richard J. Ross, associate professor, Design Department, traveled to four regions in China which reflect distinctly different forms of folk art, collected folk art specimens, recorded oral histories of individual artists, photographed living quarters/workshops, and chronicled the artistic process through video. The project examines human rights issues specifically the right of indigenous populations (Tibetans and Tajik people) to maintain cultural traditions through creative artistic expression. The annual Faculty/Staff Research and Creativity Fall Forum brings the Buffalo State community together to share all the significant, engaging, adventurous, and potentially ground-breaking work they have been doing in recent months.
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