April 26, 2017

Youth Voices Speaker Series at Buffalo State

4:00 p.m. 7:00 p.m. End Time
4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. | E. H. Butler Library 210

The English Education program and the Western New York Network of English Teachers is once again hosting the Youth Voices Speakers Series on campus. Please join us on Wednesday, April 26 from 4-7 in Butler 210 for this popular event. The Youth Voices series features powerful presentations from students in grades 7-12 and showcases the kind of meaningful learning taking place in English classrooms across our region. This is a free event, refreshments will be served. Please RSVP to wnynet@gmail.com to reserve your seats. More information is below.

Youth Voices Speakers Series

On Wednesday April 26 at 4:00 PM in Butler 210 students from local high schools are coming to campus to present critical literacy projects they have developed in their English classrooms. Topics include investigations into race, class, gender, sexual identity, socioeconomics, and other socially meaningful issues.These will be TedTalks, performances and other presentations developed by students. These presentations are part of an ongoing project linking English Education preservice teachers, graduate students, local ELA teachers and their students in planning, implementing, researching and showcasing inquiry-based learning in ELA.

Presentations include:

Benjamin Cordero-Livingston and Na'Mia Kelly, Elmwood Village Charter School: Helping Local Refugees in Need: It's More Important Now Than Ever

Nabiha Ukaj, Frederick Law Olmsted #156. Islamophobia
NyJohn Washington and Nia Morse. Olmsted at Kensington . A spoken word piece about racism and police brutality in the United States

Owen Parker, Drew Kozlow, and Joseph Reiling.  Olmsted at Kensington. Discrimination and Representation in Sports

Kayleigh Ormond and Shea Hohle. Olmsted at Kensington. The Mental Health Silence

Willaina Chandler. Olmsted at Kensington. Deaf Culture: The Stigma Behind Deafness

Tahmina aktar. Frederick Law Olmsted #156. My Hijab Identifies Me

Diamond Eason. Maritime Charter School. Not All Heroes Wear Capes

Maurice Wilson. Maritime Charter School. Racism of the 1960's and its Relevancy Today

Chyna Ray. Maritime Charter School. Keep it Rollin': The Evolution of Gender Roles in America

Jared Wright. Maritime Charter School. Humans of WNY: An Exploration Through a Cultural Lens

Kayla Robinson. Maritime Charter School. 50 Shades of Masculinity: An Inquiry into the Grey Area

Kyle Bishop. Maritime Charter School. The Power of the Patriarchy: Why Men Are More Visible in America

Gia Pantano. Maritime Charter School. The Collapse of the Core: How School has
Failed Me

Yhneil Lewis. Maritime Charter School. Corruption in secondary education
TyAsia Jackson. Maritime Charter School. Gender Bias in the Music Industry

Audie Nyari. Maritime Charter School. Modern day terrorism

Jordan Lorenc & Kristen Meyer. Alden High School. Untapped Shores - Give Back As You Go - Speak Truth To Power.

Mohammed Bassam. Lafayette High School. Chemical Attack in Halabja

Mu Htoo. Lafayette High School. The Rohingya Genocide

Open to: students, faculty, staff, everyone