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April 18, 2013

Exhibition: Suspended Motion - Sculptures and Watercolors by Ellen Steinfeld

12:00 a.m. 12:00 a.m. End Time
All day | Burchfield Penney Art Center at Buffalo State

On view  through Sunday, July 28, 2013.

Fascinated with dance and motion, Ellen Steinfeld, over the course of her career, has created dramatic works in different media to reflect life at its most stirring and capricious moments. This exhibition presents Steinfeld’s recent sculptures in concert with her watercolor paintings. Music and movement inform her sense of rhythm and balance in 3-dimensional compositions, whether they are subtly monochromatic or bright with color. These vertical constructions of disks, spirals, hemispheres, and other forms chart the arabesques, pirouettes and grand leaps as abstract gestures in an artist’s form of choreography. Reminiscent of art history’s dancers and acrobats by Edgar Degas, Henri Matisse, Pablo Picasso, and Alexander Calder, Steinfeld’s conceptual figures suggest movement through space accompanied by music—tracing time metaphorically.

Many of Steinfeld’s large paintings are comprised of several sheets of paper over which patterns advance. While some watercolors exploit the white of the paper as light-filled space for floating organic and geometric shapes, others are densely filled with saturated hues and black forms that suggest a humid, pungent and mysterious evening landscape.

The exhibition is curated by Nancy Weekly, Head of Collections and the Charles Cary Rumsey Curator, Burchfield Penney Art Center and lecturer of museum studies.

Open to: everyone

Admission: $5-10

General admission to the Burchfield Penney Art Center is free to Buffalo State students, faculty, staff, and Burchfield Penney members.