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December 28, 2012

Exhibition: Quilts by Catherine Mettille

12:00 a.m. 12:00 a.m. End Time
All day | E. H. Butler Library Lobby

Two themed quilts by artist Catherine Mettille, an adjunct professor in the Writing Program. The quilts are the result of projects she developed in the early 1990s in Chicago while teaching at-risk ESL students, who were struggling immigrants and refugees, some from war-torn Bosnia and Iraq. The students participated, along with Holocaust survivors, in the sewing of a Holocaust Quilt, which features a phoenix rising, the Star of David, and Holocaust victims who survived and went on to rebuild their lives. Its symbolism reflects love, forgiveness and strength of the human spirit. It is 11'x12.'

The Enchanted Garden Quilt was created in a motivational literacy project with students who read Mettille's story the Enchanted Garden. The quilt features the Tree of Life and characters from the tale, which teaches self-discovery through love and compassion. It won first place in a textile art exhibit in Evanston, Ill. It is 7'x8.'

Viewable during regular library hours.

Open to: everyone

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