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Introducing Culture Craze

WNY's Largest Culturals Team to Provide Special Ticket Packages

Posted: November 8, 2005
Buffalo’s nine largest cultural organizations are asking Western New Yorkers to catch the "Culture Craze," a unique new collaboration and discount ticketing program, that will allow families and adults to sample their diverse offerings. In a media conference held at 10 a.m. today at Studio Arena Theatre, representatives from the nine participating organizations explained the collaboration and outlined the Culture Craze ticket packages, the first of this kind offered in Buffalo.


Culture Craze ticket packages are the result of a collaborative effort between Albright-Knox Art Gallery, Buffalo and Erie County Historical Society, Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra, Burchfield-Penney Art Center, Buffalo Museum of Science, Buffalo Zoo, Frank Lloyd Wright’s Martin House Complex, Shea’s Performing Arts Center and Studio Arena Theatre. Dating back to last spring, the CEOs and marketing directors of the organizations began brainstorming how they could attract new audiences to their venues, as well as cross-promote the cultural resources of the community. First-year funding for this project has been provided through the generosity of Wegmans and Lawley Service Insurance.

"When you examine who visits each of the culturals, you realize that collectively, we represent a diverse audience. For instance, young families are the most frequent visitors to the Zoo, while the performing arts organizations have a large share of the 55-plus patron base," explained Ken Neufeld, Studio Arena Theatre’s Executive Director. "The challenge we hope to address by offering the Culture Craze ticket packages is how to provide opportunites for Western New Yorkers to try the organizations they’re interested in and then to try another, very different, cultural."


In the first phase of this project, which lasts through March of 2006, half of the eight Culture Craze ticket packages are aimed at providing parents with an easy and affordable way to introduce their children to the culturals, while the other four are fashioned toward the interests of adults. The ticket packages are discounted between 10% and 40% off regular admission prices and include some free bonus items like parking, activity packets for kids, posters, or gift shop discounts.

Two of the family ticket packages, Brainiac Maniac and Taking Flight, are designed to appeal to a child’s specific interests. The Brainiac Maniac package, for instance, includes a trip to Buffalo Museum of Science, Studio Arena’s production of "All the Great Books (abridged)," the Historical Society’s "Buffalo Made!" exhibit, and a visit to the Zoo’s Eco Station. Taking Flight is themed around "things that fly" and includes the BPO concert "Searching for Superman," Shea's production of "Cathy Rigby in Peter Pan," the Science Museum's "Our Place in Space" exhibit and a trip to the Zoo's Bird Aviary and Lorikeet Landing.

The other two family ticket packages, Holiday Happenings and Onstage from Thanksgiving to Christmas, are intended to encourage families to try new events at the times of year when they are already seeking activities.

"Each season as families flock to holiday fare, they tell us they would like to attend more holiday events but price and time constraints prevent them. These ticket packages make the culturals affordable and provide one-stop-shopping, so the outings are more easily organized, saving time and effort," said Anthony Conte, President of Shea’s Performing Arts Center.

The four Culture Craze adult ticket packages are Happy Holidays, Love is in the Air, Night Out!, and ArtyFACTS. Happy Holidays is geared toward Christmas events, while the romantically named Love is in the Air centers on events leading up to Valentine’s Day. Night Out! offers just that – a night out on the town – with the BPO’s "A Night at the Movies with Marvin Hamlisch" concert, Shea’s production of the Billy Joel musical "Movin’ Out," a happy hour at the Burchfield-Penney, and the buyer’s choice of the comedy “Bad Dates” or the drama "Ghosts" at Studio Arena. ArtyFACTS includes a variety of art and architectural tours of the Darwin Martin House, Albright-Knox, Kleinhans Auditorium, Shea’s, Historical Society and Burchfield-Penney.


Complete listings of ticket packages, including prices and bonus items can be found online at Culture Craze ticket packages may be purchased through Shea’s Ticket Office at 650 Main St., or by calling 716-829-1164.


Culture Craze is one example of the many ways cultural organizations collaborate in Erie County. Ongoing collaborations between all cultural organizations focus on sharing cost-saving measures and increasing revenues through combined marketing initiatives.
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