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Cinema Club International Film Series Begins October 28

Cinema Club International Film Series Begins October 28

Posted: October 25, 2011

The Buffalo State Cinema Club is holding its second film series this year, and the International Student Affairs Office is coordinating the series.

Jean Gounard, director of the International Student Affairs Office, said, “Last year, our theme was the arts and diversity. This year, the theme is children and poverty.” All films will be shown in Warren Enters Theatre at 5:30 p.m.

Two of the offerings are documentaries produced by the United Nations about children in poverty around the world; another focuses on children in Africa and the Middle East. In Volume I: International Perspectives on Children in Poverty: Rwanda, Mongolia, Mexico, Paraguay, and India, Rwandan orphanage director Damas Gisimba reflects on the genocide he saw in 1994 and says, “We must teach our children only good.” That documentary will be shown on Friday, October 28.

Each film will be introduced by an international student, and presented by a speaker. Volume I will be introduced by graduate student Myandusi Nyachae from Kenya; Drew Kahn, professor of theater, will discuss his recent trip to Rwanda.

The second film, City of God (pictured), describes crime in the slums of Rio de Janeiro by focusing on the story of young gang members engaged in brutal conflict. The film, which received four Academy Award nominations, will be introduced by Lucile Ragot, an undergraduate student from France. Western New York artist Gary L. Wolfe will lead a discussion. City of God will be shown on Friday, November 4.

The third film, Volume II: International Perspectives on Children in Poverty: Jordan, Egypt, Malawi, Burundi, and Morocco continues the United Nations’ reports on lives of children in these countries in Africa and the Middle East. Papa Jean Soumare, an undergraduate student from Senegal, will introduce the film. Aimable Twagilimana, professor of English and a native of Rwanda, will discuss the film. Volume II will be shown on Friday, February 10, as part of Black History Month.

The fourth and final award-winning film, Turtles Can Fly, was the first film made in Iraq after the fall of Saddam Hussein. The story centers on a 13-year-old named Satellite, who organizes groups of children to find and disarm unexploded land mines so the mines can be sold. Undergraduate Chantal Kross from Suriname will introduce the film; Donn Youngstrom, chair and associate professor of theater, will discuss it. Turtles Can Fly will be shown on Friday, March 30.

All films are free and open to the Buffalo State community. The Cinema Club is sponsored by the Equity and Campus Diversity Office; Project Flight; the Theater Department; and United Nations television.

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