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Chinese Fashion Exhibits on Display in Technology Building

Chinese Fashion Exhibits on Display in Technology Building

Posted: September 19, 2013

The eye-catching creations of two Chinese fashion designers are on exhibit through September 26 on the third floor of SUNY Buffalo State’s new Technology Building.

In the Name of Plato is a cutting-edge collection of 12 garments that represent the similar philosophies of Plato and ancient Chinese philosophers. Designed and created by Shao Fang, head of the fashion department at Beijing City University, the pieces are categorized under Plato’s classical elements of the physical world — air, earth, fire, water, metal, and aether (ether).

“In Chinese philosophy, the elements of the Earth are linked to different colors and geometric designs,” explained Lynn Boorady, associate professor and chair of fashion and textile technology.

The resulting garments include a variegated knit dress with a skirt composed of honeycomb shapes, a raspberry-colored knit dress with a wire-supported flair skirt, and a sleeveless silk dress covered in leather geometric patterns. Other pieces represent the elements cleverly, including long fringe and wavy shapes for water and a connection of 3D shapes to represent the ether.

The second exhibit showcases the work of textile designer Shen Li, who served as a visiting professor at Buffalo State a decade ago. She created colorful abstract designs of felt sewn onto silk wall hangings and a draped garment.

“Students have been wowed by these designs,” Boorady said. “The exhibits have served as inspiration.

Fang visited Buffalo State on September 11 for the exhibit's official opening, and fashion students had the opportunity to ask questions about her ideas and process. 

“The students were excited to be able to ask the designer about her inspiration and process for creating the garments," said Boorady. "She told them she made 13 garments in this series over three months, which is very impressive."

This is not the first time Buffalo State has shown the work of these designers. When Li was a visiting professor at Buffalo State, she worked closely with professor Elaine Polvinen on textile design. Fang’s work was shown on campus a little more than a year ago. This collaboration is expected to grow with Buffalo State students going to China to exhibit their designs in 2015.

For more information about the exhibits, call (716) 878-3478 or e-mail


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